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Who We Are / What We Do

HNC Ghost Hunters at a conference.

Founded in 1992, we are a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to research, investigation, collection, & dissemination of evidence regarding all types of ghost, haunting, Poltegeist & other paranormal activity.  Our members are professionals in parapsychology, forensics, science, religion, and education.

Don't be misled by flashy websites. As ghost investigators for the Rhine Research Center and the TAPS Family Team for North Carolina, we are recognized authorities in parapsychology field investigation a.k.a. 'ghost hunting'.   We don't hunt ghosts; we investigate them.

Photo: The Chase Vault, Barbados, investigated by Steve Barrell in 2015

Chase Vault studied by HNC Investigator Steve Barrell in 2015.

What are 'ghosts'? What causes a 'haunting'?

There is no simple answer to these questions.  Apparitions have been experienced in every culture since time immemorial, and these phenomena vary widely.  In every case, it becomes necessary to gather witness reports, collect data, then objectively analyze these to determine the probable cause of the activity.  

Although we always look for normal explanations, we don't always find them. Sometimes the evidence, such as EVP, is clearly paranormal.  In other cases, subsequent visits may be required to confirm paranormal  findings.

Photo:   Our headquarters & extensive library at Durham, NC.

Haunted North Carolina's extensive library

Requesting an Investigation

An investigation begins with confidential interviews to determine the nature of the haunting.  If an investigation 'vigil' is deemed worthwhile, a plan is devised according to the kind of activity reported.  After the on-site 'vigil' portion of the investigation, data are intensively reviewed, and a determination forthcoming when findings seem clear.  Otherwise, a more carefully-tailored vigil  may be necessary, based on the collected data, to confirm findings.

CONFIDENTIALITY is guaranteed by contract  according to clients' wishes.  We do not wear conspicuous clothing, our vehicles are unmarked, and the client may terminate an investigation at any time.

EVP : Electronic Voice Phenomena - Voices of the 'dead' ?

EVP are human sounds - usually voices, but may include whistling, humming or singing - that appear on recordings but are never heard at the actual time of the recording.  They are discovered later, while reviewing investigation recordings.  They often, but not always, interact in our conversations.  During the vigil, we make no sounds e.g. whispering, that can be misinterpreted as EVP.  EVP are therefore some of the strongest evidence suggestive of an ongoing haunt, even though we cannot begin to explain how they are produced.

These are unmodified & unedited excerpts of some of our best EVP.   THE USE OF HEADPHONES IS HIGHLY  RECOMMENDED.

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When requesting help, include the location of the afflicted site and a brief description of the activity. Confidentiality is guaranteed!