Hannah's Creek Swamp

When concerning the Civil War, many of the tales and stories you hear about apparitions and ghosts deal with tragic death and this one is no different. The story takes place on a small island in the middle of Hannah's Creek Swamp. This is where over 50 of the "Marauders" were hung in the trees of this island. The story goes where David Fanning and "The Marauders" were a group of rogue Unionists who would pillage and kill in the South. Confederate Lieutenant John Saunders near the end of the Civil War stopped them weeks after Fanning and The Marauders murdered Saunders' father, Colonel John Saunders, and mother in their home near Smithfield. When Saunders found a group of Yankees on this island in Hannah's Creek Swamp weeks later, they first disguised themselves and told the Yankees they were friends and when it was too late, they captured the Marauders but then Saunders found a gold crucifix on Fanning that had belonged to Saunders' mother showing that these men were the ones who murdered his family. At that moment Saunders ordered that the Marauders were to all be hung from the trees and Saunders personally took David Fanning to his homestead to be hung in the family graveyard. To this day, you are supposed to be able to see the ghosts of the hung Marauders in the trees at night and hear David Fanning begging for his life as they dragged him away. Actually proof that this island existed is being determined now and proof of these soldiers' existence is also to be determined as well.