Historic Cemetery

THE LOCATION: Commonly considered 'haunted' this 100+ year old cemetery is as historic as the surrounding community. It is still currently being used. Due to the threat of vandalism and for the respect of the families with loved ones buried here we will not release the name or location. THE INVESTIGATION: This investigation came on at the spur of the moment. The members 'local' to the location are all very familiar with it. Photos from others have been shown to us that appear to present unexplained anomalies. We felt it might be worthwhile to look into and had been out there during daylight hours and were quiet familiar with the grounds. We arrived approximately 1:00am. Because we would be on foot we chose easily portable equipment. A tape recorder was set up and left on a mausoleum while members worked there way around the perimeter. As we circled around one side nearly everyone quietly bunched up into one group... everyone seemed just a bit uneasy. The feeling of being watched was strong to many, enough so that we checked for other persons in the vicinity though none was found. The first spot that showed activity was in a newer section. Temperature readings were steady throughout the property, until approaching a headstone set well away from the others. Surprisingly the temperature went UP almost 8 degrees. The following series of photos taken with a digital camera were a little disconcerting. The stone we were focused on simply did not appear in the photo! A second photo taken on the heels of the first showed a blur in the center of the screen. The third showed the stone clearly. No changes were made in the method, film or camera. We're still working on recreating that one! Moving further into the property we caught momentary temperature drops up to 14 degrees near the grave of a middle aged woman. Almost immediately the pinwheel on the grave begin turning... then stopped. Then slowly turned, became quicker and stopped. The begin to spin quickly. There was no wind that evening, however we are given the possibility that the slightest change in the environment potentially could have caused it, though we were not able to measure any such change. Several members approached the immediate area to exam more closely the pinwheel and found it planted firmly in the ground. A photo taken within moments at that exact area provided one of the more spectacular photos we have seen. A slender woman in a blue halter type dress appears on the left side of the photo. It is a clear anomaly, and no person was in the frame, neither was the image manipulated in any way. Our photography protocols were met, all lights (flashlights and camera lights) were being called and noted. The events that accompanied this photo combined with the methods give us reason to fully believe we have captured something unique and very real. Afterward a member met a family member of the person interred under the "disappearing stone". His statement was that this person had committed suicide and the feeling was a combination of anger, frustration and confusion. The tape recorder left running captured some unexplained noises (heavy scraping against concrete or stone) but nothing we can fully identify.