Country Squire Inn

THE LOCATION: The Country Squire Restaurant and Winery is located on NC Hwy. 24/50 in Warsaw, North Carolina. Parts of this charming restaurant, winery, and inn date back to the early 19th century. The Country Squire Restaurant and Winery can be found online at Our thanks and appreciation to the staff of the Country Squire for the opportunity and help in researching the restaurant's history and conducting an investigation. THE LEGENDS: The owner and staff of the Country Squire have reported seeing shadowy figures in the oldest part of the restaurant. They report having seen a dark apparition (possibly of a cloaked figure) walking through the restaurant and have seen and heard tables and chairs move as if by an unseen hand. One couple dining at the restaurant reported that darts embedded in a dart board suddenly flew across the room and landed near them. Another couple having an argument in the bar reported an apparition of a man that suddenly appeared and walked towards a wall and disappeared. Other reports are of objects in the gift shop falling off the wall, a window shutter that closed by itself, and voices heard in the restaurant after the last guests have left for the evening. THE INVESTIGATION: Two investigations took place on July 11, 2009 and August 8, 2009. Investigators present were Jim Hall, Waverly Hawthorne, Steve Barrell, Sandra Shelton, Shawn Showalter, Mark Ruegg, J. Crumpler, Missi Brandewie, Deborah Donati and Robert Odear. We were joined on the first investigation by reporter Bobby Kennedy. After interviewing the owner and staff, three teams set up in different sections of the restaurant. EMF sweeps showed high EMF readings throughout (mostly due to electrical wiring running across the ceiling.) Waverly observed a light anomaly float across the floor at the same time as a sudden battery drain in one of our motion detectors. Steve reported a sensation of being followed outside the restaurant and simultaneously captured an EVP (possibly lamenting a lost loved one.) On the second investigation, stationary cameras and digital audio recorders were set up and left to run in the oldest part of the restaurant while teams explored other sections, including an attic that is used for storage. Two separate teams reported getting direct response on EMF meters in the attic (one KII meter, and one MEL). Two EVPs were collected during this investigation. In one, an investigator stumbled across a plastic Santa Claus statue and exclaimed "Santa!" Moments later an unidentified voice answers "next year." Sufficient evidence (both anecdotal and tangible) has been collected for HNC to certify The Country Squire as "paranormally active".