Rural Church

THE LOCATION: This is a well kept church and cemetery, the older portion of the cemetery set back a little and closer to the surrounding forest. The church itself is well lit, even at night and neighbors keep a close eye to prevent vandalism. It is impressive to drive down the heavily forested rural road and have the steeple of the church appear out of nowhere as you round the curve. THE LEGENDS: This rural cemetery was pointed out to us as possibly haunted. Sightings of fleeting movement and an apparition of a kneeling woman are reported. THE INVESTIGATION: Investigation began at 10:00 pm one evening. Temperature was 48 degrees Fahrenheit, 0 mph winds with no gusts. No rain had fallen for the previous several days. Sunset had occurred at 5:15 PM that evening. The moon had already set at 2:50 PM leaving us a clear, dark night. We began with a walk through and immediately as we approached the older portion felt a very warm, almost hot gust of air. It lasted just a moment before returning to the ambient temperature. It was very localized and did not register on the thermometers. After being startled, investigators fanned out some to see if there was an explanation. None could be found at the time. Right after the air, one investigator reported hearing footsteps, although a check of the area found no one. All investigators returned to the cars to began setting up equipment only to have much of the equipment began to fail. Camera batteries drained within minutes and two-way radios refused to work even at very close range (the radios worked well on the drive home, despite distances up to 1/4 mile between cars). Finally we were able to get two digital and two regular 35 mm cameras working, as well as an audio tape recorder. One investigator worked with the audio tape and captured the sound of a wooden door being slammed in an area where there are no wooden doors to the best of our knowledge and research. Interestingly, photos were difficult to take. Cameras that had proven themselves in similar situations now produced only pitch black photos or ones with only slightly hazy images. These same cameras tested later that night at a different location functioned perfectly and clearly. The bursts of warm air occurred twice more in different locations and again were localized (you could actually step out of the warm spot). Several investigators reportedly caught occasional glimpses of someone in the lower cemetery but when checked no one was present. Although reporting members verify that the figure was human, it is not impossible that it could have been a large animal (such as deer), though no accompanying sounds were heard that would usually be related to the appearance of an animal. We are also exploring possible explanations for the warm spots, including the possibility of underground hot springs.