Residence Moore County 2

THE LOCATION: A privately owned residence in Moore County, NC. The name, history, and location has been withheld to protect the privacy of the current owner.

THE LEGENDS: Odd noises and lights seen by area residents

THE INVESTIGATION: Late evening investigation that also gave us an opportunity to work in a nearby building dating from the same time. We were not sure of getting any results on this second building but felt it was worth a try. Reasonable historical research backed up the possibility of activity. The team members present split into two groups, staying in contact via radio, so that both buildings could be covered. Basic equipment was set up, including audio recorders and low range infrared video cameras. One member monitored cameras, while another monitored temperature readings and photographs. Throughout the evening a few odd activities occurred and were documented including: the sound of heavy footsteps from inside one building. This happened twice and was witnessed by two team members. Doors on the cars parked nearby locked and unlocked themselves. And a figure that slipped out the door of one building but evaporated when it reached the lit road. EVP was captured in both buildings, but it was most talkative in one central location. Several orbs were photographed and interestingly in one spot an orb was photographed in the same location by digital and 35 mm camera from two different angles. Currently we have approximately 150 photos, 4 hours of audio and 2+ hours of video.