Residence Moore County 1

THE LOCATION: 4 bedroom/3 bath home, approx. 2000 square feet. 1 bedroom/bath/sunroom/laundry has been added to original structure. Some renovation has been done, and is currently going on. History being gathered now. Current owners have inhabited home since June 1999. Home sits on little less than 1 acre of land.. orginally home and land was part of a large family homestead.

THE HISTORY: This house has passed from owner to bank to owner. It changes hands relatively frequently all things considered. The particular parcel of land it sits on is the last remnants of a very large family farm that was slowly whittled down into the current lots as each change of ownership occurred. When doing deeds research we traced to the early 1900's and then met with a blank page where our next deed records should have been. No one could give us a reason why such a record would be blank or removed. Local neighbors profess ignorance about any history despite many being related to previous owners. Except for general history on the area, it seems we hit a brick wall on this specific home. Research still currently being done.

THE ACTIVITY: Sound of the rear sliding glass door opening and closing, sound of the breezeway door opening and closing, sounds of keys jingling, Bed in master bedroom shaking, Apparition of a young man seen in hallway, laundry room and sunroom by multiple witnesses including those with no prior knowledge of the 'haunts'. The outline of a small female child has been standing near the fireplace in one instance. The sound of a child crying is rarely heard but precedes the death of a family pet when it does occur.

THE INVESTIGATION: This investigation was originally set up as a training situation. The home belongs to a team member (who has a hard time getting overnight guests to stay!) And paranormal activity had taken place for the previous two years with witnesses from the family to unknowing guests. Once members were there we chose the method of recording with no one present. Because we could completely control every aspect of this it seemed an opportune time to try this method. All equipment went through normal checks prior this investigation. The Magnavox VHS camera was set in the hall where the male ghost is frequently seen walking and pointed towards the living room and sunroom (where this ghost has also been see. The Child ghost has been seen next to the fireplace in the living room). An EMF detector was set up so it was viewable on-screen on the video camera. All lights were turned off with the exception of 2 low lights left on for camera recordings. All members left the house, after securing pets out of the way and locking and securing doors, etc. When we reentered the home later that evening we immediately retrieved the equipment. The camera had been turned off! It was easily turned back on and ran fine. When the tape was reviewed there were several "blips" on the EMF detector but nothing present in the film. It ran for approximately 20 minutes before cutting off... immediately prior the tape being turned off the dogs in the house (who at that time were crated in a separate room) began to howl in unison (a loud and eerie sound!)... As they howled the tape shut off. Audio recordings were also fruitless. Photos taken showed only one possible anomaly - the negative showed a room configuration (windows and doors) slightly different than what is actually present... this particular room is where the ghost is seen disappearing. We have shot and re-shot film and cannot get it to reoccur. This is not the first attempt at documenting this activity, and certainly not the first time the resident spirits thumbed their collective noses at us! Much to our amusement, early the next morning (approx. 6am) while two investigators slept on the floor of the living room heavy footsteps stomped through the living room startling them both... they could see the empty room as they heard the steps. A second investigation yielded an interesting orb photo.. while the photo itself is typical orb activity, it is interesting in that the photographer asked that the entity allow it self to be photographed (pretty please?) and the immediate following photo showed several distinct orbs. Also much of that investigation centered in an addition to the home where the activity is highest, and the EVP below was captured. It is noted that afterward that visual activity in the home decreased, but the audible activity increased! The homeowners find is somewhat amusing to see guests answering the ghost (Yes, it happens that often) thinking it is a person. It is a little unnerving to here it when your alone though! UPDATE: Although we are able to continue monitoring the home and setting up periodic equipment we have been able to get only the mildest of activity when we do have monitoring under way. Current plans are to install a 24-hour recording system in the active end of the house as soon as funds become available. Interestingly, when the spare bedroom where a large part of the activity occurred was closed up and used for storage (it's current state at this time) the activity came almost to a halt.

UPDATE: A series of odd occurrences, apparently unrelated to the previous activity have been logged. A close friend of one of the owners had passed away some years prior. Several items belonging to this friend were kept in a storage box above the garage, and various documents and photos were kept filed in a locked fireproof storage box. In a feat worthy of David Blaine, apparently the death certificate escaped . While cleaning a closet in the bedroom the death certificate fell out of the top of the closet - it had previously been secured away in the lockbox and not removed to anyone's knowledge (there had been no reason to remove it since it had been placed there). But the family members were willing to put this down to 'must have a rational reason'. A few days later while in the garage the sound of muffled scraping came from above - writing it off as the cat it was ignored, only to have a storage box slide over the edge and fall on the floor just inches away. It was the box with the items belonging to the friend. When faint strains of a song related to the friend began to be heard over and over at night no one was surprised - not by then anyway. It was determined that it was not possible to be any radio or other music playing device in the home, nor was it a passing car or neighbor's home. Attempts to record it were not successful despite the fact it was heard distinctly by two separate people. So far the cause has been undetermined. Several similar incidences occurred (a ring literally jumped out of a drawer, a photo from the lockbox was found on the floor, etc.). The time frame was approximately 6 weeks in early 2003 for all these incidences at which time they stopped and have not reoccurred.