THE LOCATION: Private residence in the mountains of Bakersville, North Carolina THE HISTORY: The history of the primary residence and the location where the chimneys stand is incomplete. Due to distance of the town and the inability to find historical information, history of property is still unknown at this time. There is evidence that the town was occupied as early as 1777 but names are not known. The town was named after David Baker who is considered the first known resident. The British Crown original reserved a 400-acre tract of land to the Cherokee Indians. The town does have a terrible history of disasters. In 1901, was the “May Flood” and almost one-half of the town’s buildings and businesses were swept away. In 1923, most of the town burned and in 1988 there was another flood which was caused by El Nino and the town was declared a disaster area. THE ACTIVITY: As reported by occupants: •Slamming doors •Cold air blasts •Lights being turned on •Husband locked in the basement •Pressure on sheet at bottom of bed (as if someone is sitting there) •Touching •Pressure on bed (as if someone is sitting of lying down) •Shadows on wall in Master bedroom/bathroom (witnessed by two occupants) •Daughter wakes up screaming and looking in the corner of her room (on a regular basis) THE INVESTIGATION: The investigation occurred August 2, 2003 by investigators Micki Rowlette, David Gurney and Matt Abele. They arrived at the residence at approximately 7:00 p.m. They first hiked up the hill to the location of the two chimneys. Digital and 35mm pictures were taken that appeared normal and without anomalies. An infrared thermometer and gauss meter were used. The thermometer had a steady temperature of 70 – 73 degrees while the gauss meter had a baseline of 0. They returned to the primary residence to setup for the investigation. Before setup began, pictures were taken throughout the house and baseline readings were taken. A tape recorder and camcorder were set up in the master bedroom, as this is where the majority of activity occurs. They recorded approximately forty-five minutes of 8mm tape (which has been copied to VHS for viewing) along with the tape recorder. During that time, pictures were taken of the master bedroom. The digital picture below is of the master bedroom. The anomaly on the left is undetermined. We did focus on one room which pictures both digital and 35mm were difficult to take. Two digital pictures revealed possible orbs. However, there is no indication of this orb on the 35mm picture that was taken at the same time. Unfortunately, the investigation is concluded but all evidence gathered at the residence remains inconclusive. Due to the location of the residence and the lack of available history, this investigation is considered closed but the causes of the alleged phenomenon is yet to be determined. During the evening, the investigators did not personally witness any activity while they were there.