Historic Church and Cemetery

THE LOCATION: U-shaped building, with a long shot gun style hall for residents on one side, an entry, reception room, offices, etc. on another and a medical wing at the far end. Additions had been added for further rooms. This is a pretty long and maze like building. Once you're in, you're in! There is no known history for the appearance... attempts to contact current trustees was met with little success. There is surprisingly little vandalism, due mostly to the tight monitoring of area police (and yes they WILL make you leave NOW). However the most intriguing of things is the fact that it appears as if residents, staff and all simply up and left one night carrying on what they could. It has all the appearances of an Outer Limits episode. There is some vandalism (broken windows, the requisite graffiti from someone with a limited vocabulary, etc.) however all the items left behind are still there... personal clothing, business and phone records, clothes in the dryers, cutlery in the kitchen area. Furniture is all intact. Wheelchairs grace the building and grounds. THE FIRST INVESTIGATION: An early evening check on the location netted us both the sounds of banging coming from an undetermined source. We set up the investigation for a couple of weeks later. To say this location is unnerving in the dark doesn't began to cover it. After doing a full walk through taking multiple photos we chose the medical wing as the most promising. It simply felt right I suppose you could say As we gathered in a junction of 3 corridors and began to lay out plans several of us noticed movement at the far end of one of the corridors as if someone had walked by... it was a shadow then sensation of movement. To be honest we were a little more worried about squatters than anything. However we found no living person and returned to setting up equipment. We focused the Sony camera on the short corridor, along a nurses station. The second camera was set up down the hall and focused back at the first camera. As we finished we heard a sharp bang come from inside a locked room (we assume a bathroom) in a residential room. We could not get the door open to find what the cause was. As we moved into the hallway and out of view of the cameras two members reported feeling a hand touch, then squeeze their necks. No readings on equipment coincided with this. The second camera began giving us abnormal problems... it refused to stay powered up despite the freshly charged battery. It would run for a few moments and then shut down. After a great deal of frustration we broke it down and wrote it off for the night, but in an equipment check the next morning it worked perfectly. We continued to inspect areas while the first camera ran, additionally we returned to the boiler rooms and kitchen areas to shoot some photos. After gathering up equipment, we met at a local fast food restaurant for review. While going through things we also ran the camera belonging to Amber and reviewed the footage. It didn't take long to hear a gasp and have the camera passed around.... across the screen a bright orb had shot across the nurses station. Within minutes another orb danced across the hall, crossing paths the a third orb. The video was transferred to VHS and reviewed on the TV.... for a period of 10 to 15 minutes small, brilliant orbs appeared and disappeared. Because of the large area and obvious activity we hope to be able to arrange a second investigation with more people and equipment soon. SECOND INVESTIGATION: Second investigation proceeded evening of October 6. All members headed directly to nurses station and set up there. Audio recording equipment was placed in nearby room where everyone felt the most uncomfortable. A second recorder was placed in the kitchen. Teams of three then split up and worked in each hallway with photography equipment. Micki reported feeling something brush her neck at one point. A photo taken at the same time showed a bright orb behind her. This time we found a little less activity where the original video was shot however previously almost all team members had noted the feeling of something passing by the entrance of a hallway... almost a shadow. This night we worked in that area and were rewarded with temperature drops in very small specific spots that moved. Drops up to 10 degrees were noted and corresponding orbs were photographed. The feeling was one of a older male with a strongly negative personality. Janet saw two orbs move past her in a doorway on the older section of the building. One photo came back interesting if inconclusive as to the cause at this point. The first was taken by Micki with a digital camera. She was having problems in one room with focus, with the camera acting as if something was moving across the camera's range. In one room... what was called the 'hydrotherapy' room, one photo of an empty raised tub came back slightly blurred with the appearance of something in the tub. A manifestation or a trick of the camera? The activity is relatively consistent however is easily put off . Audio recordings have not been successful but video and photo are.