HNC History

Haunted North Carolina, Inc., was founded in 1992 as “Seven Paranormal Research,” dedicated to research and education about hauntings and related ghost phenomena.  

The team began in what may be the most haunted house in North Carolina, in which founders Janet and Kady endured nine months before moving into more peaceful homes.  They then began wondering how such a small house could possible hold that much energy and unexplained activity. The original journals from that house are part of today's Haunted North Carolina extensive files.  After many years studying the field of parapsychology, research and theorizing, the team turned their focus toward field investigation, working both with other groups and independently.

Today, Haunted North Carolina, Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to field investigation, research, and education in the paranormal field.   Our diverse members undergo an extensive interview and training process in order to bring to Haunted North Carolina experience and skills that complement our research.  Psychology and counseling, psi and paranormal phenomena, science, theology, informatics, photography, mediumship, education, history, genealogy,forensics, and construction skills are well represented among our members. It’s no wonder that Haunted North Carolina holds such an enviable reputation, as it continues to grow in stature and gather new evidence in the field of paranormal research.