About Us

Haunted North Carolina, Inc. is dedicated to the research, investigation and collection of data regarding haunting, ghost and related phenomena.  Since 1992, we have been actively observing, documenting and studying hauntings according to scientifically accepted practices.  Because these events occur "in the field" rather than in controlled environments, we rely on scientific methodology and technology to collect objective data.  Any findings of paranormality are based upon a preponderance of evidence after normal causes for the reported phenomena have been reasonably pursued and rejected.

The client is a major component in each investigation.  Without clients’ experiences, we would not know what if that anything is happening.  If you are currently experiencing a haunting and are willing to collaborate with our investigators so that we may together better understand these phenomena, please contact us. 

Our Objectives:

·         To identify sites with ongoing haunting phenomena in order to conduct detailed investigations and research into their causes and to better understand these phenomena,

·         To help those experiencing an active haunting to understand and cope with their experiences,

·         To serve as an educational resource to the community at-large

Our Ethics:

·         We strive to safeguard our clients and our team from harm and injury.

·         We are truthful and meticulous in the handling, analysis and factual reporting of all data.

·         We earnestly respect our clients’ needs for confidentiality, discretion, and privacy.